Meet the Dogs

If you have never seen a dog trail after a lion or a bear before it is truly an amazing sight. These dogs LIVE for the hunt. They love it!! It is in their nature to chase animals and we give them the training and tools to do it! You have never seen happier dogs than ones who are baying at the bottom of a tree.  

Our dogs are very well taken care of. They are on a special high protein diet and are lucky enough to receive fresh meat most of the time. Definitely better than dry or even canned dog food! They are used to this Colorado climate and have a cool place to stay in the summer and a warm place in the winter. They are selectively mixed breed hounds. 

They receive regular veterinary care and emergency care if needed. It is very, very rare that they get hurt while hunting because they are so quick and they are smart enough to know their limits. Especially when face to face with a bear. Just like any dog though sometimes they get a wound and they are taken care of better than most pets. 

Contact us and come meet all our canines! They will be happy to catch a bear or lion for you!