Information for Your Upcoming Lion Hunt:

• Prior to getting a license you must complete and pass the Mountain Lion Education and Identification Course. That can be found here:

You must also purchase a habitat stamp with your license. Information about habitat stamps can be found HERE it can be added when you are purchasing your license. 

Hotels that we recommend in the area:

Westcliffe Inn- Phone: 719-783-9275 ;

o Courtyard Country Inn: 719-783-9616 ;

o Antlers Motel- Phone: 719-783-2426 ;

For more information about Westcliffe please see:


• Temperatures can range from well below zero to the mid 40’s. We recommend you bring warm, waterproof hiking boots, thermals, and any other cold weather gear you may have. Dressing in layers is helpful as often times it warms up mid-morning or afternoon.

• The terrain can range from steep rocky mountain sides to heavily timbered, thick forest.

• We may be out hunting for many hours. You may want to bring snacks and drinks with you in your backpack/hunting pack.

• Cell phone service is limited in the area. AT&T works the best in town but Verizon sometimes will work at other areas.

Click here for the hunting agreement/contract

I’m looking forward to a great hunt with you!